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gps monitoring

Monitoring system

Locatrans – This monitoring system mobile objects: cars, people and sendings. Created on the basis of the Russia satellite system GLONASS.

System allows to define a location of objects and display them on the card in the mode of the realtime, get from objects information on the condition of sensors, transfer on the object controlling commands, form reports on different requests for current and past length of time.


Many-sided possibilities of monitoring system (system GPS and GLONASS monitoring).

  • Supervision a position and moving the objects in the field of realtime
  • Observation of velocity and directions of motion
  • Observation of places and length of stop
  • Create check areas
  • Request of archive information
  • Planning of transportation and services

Having installed system of monitoring, you get:

  • Private using a transport
  • Reduce costs on fuel
  • Operative to respond to free-lance situations
  • To raise discipline of personnel
  • To Optimize transport logistics

10 reasons for connection to Locatrans system:

  1. Simplicity of connection
  2. Demonstrative interface
  3. Scalable from 1 before 10000 objects
  4. Possibility of connection sensors
  5. Additional notification of events
  6. Greater quantity of built-in reports
  7. Possibility of making the own reports use API
  8. Big choice of navigational equipment
  9. Maps of all countries
  10. Technical support

System "GLONASS" -modern facility of supervision for your transport facilities. You may be connected connected to the service monitoring Locatrans prepare system for the deployment on your enterprise.

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